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Snowball Research was born from a passion to find an alternative way to filter ideas. Using click of the mouse, complicated & hard to find data can be extracted from “Big 3” database providers.

What about qualitative screening?

Consider “CEO change” – you can pretty much compile the list of CEOs appointed in a particular time period and apply plethora of data check to filter down the list. But what about companies that took pain in appointing a CEO who has proven track record of creating shareholder value? There is no way for a quantitative screen to pick the stock, except by “pure luck”.

This is exactly what Snowball Research focuses. We focus on a niche qualitative screens.

We focus exclusively on Idea Generation
  • It is not the scarcity of “money”, rather it is the scarcity of “time” which underscores the importance of idea generation.

  • Even if a fund manager has army of analysts and huge research budget, he is still required to “prioritize” the stock to spend time researching and thinking. Thats where “filters” play a significant role.

Our qualitative filters increases “odds” of success
  • Snowball Research try to focus on filtering companies where the odds of success are “high”. Sometimes we monitor companies for several months/ years before alerting it out members.

  • A company which has appointed a new CEO with turnaround experience increases the “odds” of executiving strategy.

  • A Company which has experienced a “majority Board change” and “Management change” increases the “odds” of executing the strategy outlined by the activist.

  • A company that emerge from accounting problems increases the “odds” of experiencing increase in stock price.

No conflict of interest
  • Snowball Research do not provide investment banking or investor relations or corporate finance service. Nothing clouds our judgment.

  • We do not undertake competing services from our clients


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Head of Research




Senior Analyst

Irudaya Raj

Data Analyst

Viswath Arul Raj

Data Analyst

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